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Greetings, brave travellers! T'is I, Sir Wily; Teller of Tales, Crafter of Epic Flicks and Ally to the Creatively Sweet.

I wish to share with you my story.

You see, ever since I was a wee lad, I knew I was destined to embark upon a quest, most epic. 

My youth was consumed with the drive to train my mind with ancient tales of lore. I would hone my blade against the relentless forces of darkness that stalked the produce aisle as my mother shopped for groceries at the supermarket. 

When I came of age, I embarked upon this vast realm, a sword for hire, pledging my service to noble houses that I believed could help me on my quest.

While the alliances I forged offered many adventures, I began to take notice of a dark corruption that gripped these fair lands. T'was the foul presence of a foe most heinous… The Mundane!

Soon, I realized that the creeping tendrils of The Mundane had spread far and wide. Where once fair kingdoms of creativity had stood, there were now crumbling monuments to the ways of the past; their ruling Lords and Ladies stuck in their ancient ways.

My quest was clear. I must ride out to meet the foul tide of The Mundane and drive it back with the glorious tales of Excitement & Glory.

But, I would need companions in this quest. I would seek out the Folk Heroes of the Social Media Kingdoms. Their influence with the people a true power to behold.

Together, we will drive back The Mundane, wherever its foul curse lies. We shall lead the people of our fair realm to a bright, new day, where we spread far and wide, nothing but epically sweet storytelling.

This is my tale. This is my quest.

I am The Wily Knight.

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Founder & Creative Chief

Originally from Ottawa, ON, Tim has been working as a Film Producer, Influencer Marketer, & Branded Content Specialist for over 6 years, with more than a decade in film work before that. With a brief stint playing in the CFL for the Hamilton Tiger Cats, Tim is big on teamwork, collaboration and getting the job done. With a twist of humour and playfulness, Tim tells tales in captivating ways, while maintaining the essence and heart of your story.



Marketing & Administrative Sorcerer

Cat has been involved in the film & television industry for over 5 years, primarily in front of the camera, but has worked in production too. She also works as a freelance writer and theatre critic, contributing to a number of online publications and magazines. Cat is a Jack-of-all-Trades and Master of quite a few. She is a viking when it comes to office management and administrative organisation.

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