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Welcome to Wily Knight Productions.

Combining epic storytelling with innovative digital promotion strategies, we help brands connect with audiences in crafty and creative ways.

Start your adventure with us today.

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How the Wily Knight will Serve You



Writing your Brands Epic Tale

To embark on a glorious campaign, one must start with a legendary story that will capture the hearts and minds of the people. Together, we shall craft you a tale so epic that it will draw folk far and wide to your camp, where they shall see your worthiness.

(We will work with you to build a custom story for your brand. One that will excite and entice your target audience and bring them to your website and social channels)



Turning Tales into Stunning Film

What good is a tale without the skill to tell it? We will assemble our companions, craftsmen and women most skilled in the art of film. Together, we shall form your tale into a visual spectacle to behold. One that speaks to the citizens of the modern digital realm and captivates their very souls.  

(Working with the talented production community in Vancouver BC, we will produce your story into stunning film-quality branded content.)



Spreading Your Tale Far & Wide

Within the vastness of the digital realm, one must deploy the right strategies to have their voice reach the people. We will ally ourselves to the folk heroes of social media, harnessing their influence with the people to help propel our tales to those who it will move the most. 

(We will work collaboratively with digital influencer talent to develop a custom promotional plan for your branded content. We’ll also incorporate intelligent ad-buying strategies to maximize the reach of your content.)

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Vancouver BC Canada

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